Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Max Highstein conducts Intuitive Counseling Sessions worldwide by phone, and locally at his Santa Fe, NM office. Drawing upon 40+ years of experience and training in psychology, spirituality, and keen intuition, he helps clients get unstuck, break free from the past, and move forward on their path.

A Deeper Approach To Life

Does this sound familiar: “I’ve read books, taken courses, been in therapy, and I’ve tried meditation, but I’m still having the same issues!”

As rich and rewarding as your path has been to this point, if you’re still feeling blocked with the same problems you’ve had for years (or even decades), perhaps it’s time to work with someone who can help you truly change your approach to life at a deeper level.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling with Max Helps You To

  • Access higher guidance and support
  • Reveal blind spots and clarify your situation
  • Get unstuck from negative patterns and clear blocks to success
  • Break free from the past, make a shift, and move forward on a positive new path

What To Expect In Your First Session

Private sessions always begin with a dialog between you and Max, leading to specific input for you concerning your situation. Guided imagery is often used to clear negativity, and help you experience an inner shift. Max brings keen intuitive insight, and deep, compassionate support to his work. However, this is not a psychic reading, in which you passively sit back and receive messages from on high. Max Highstein’s work is designed to help you learn to access your own answers, and find your own truth.

A New Way Of Being

Most of us have been conditioned from childhood to hold beliefs, and approach life, in ways that simply don’t represent who we really are, ways that simply don’t work for us. Sessions with Max Highstein offer a real opportunity for fundamental change. It begins when we stop relying on the old voices from the past, and learn instead to rely on the truth of our heart—not just occasionally, but on a full time, ongoing basis.

Living from the heart means listening to and acting on the most wholesome, loving, and positive aspects of ourselves—expressing our true nature. It means actually being the person we most want to be. This is not just a fanciful ideal, but a real way of being you can achieve. Sessions with Max Highstein are designed to show you how.

I Know That Something In Me Needs To Change. How Many Sessions Will It Take?

In your first session with Max, he will typically identify the root of your main issue, and point the way to resolution. Receiving new insight, and seeing light at the end of the tunnel, can provide peace of mind, hope, and even a temporary feeling of elation. But lasting change must come from deep within you. It takes time to clear old dysfunctional patterns out of the way, and establish new, more productive habits.

Changing the way we approach life is not quick, and not easy. And it’s nearly impossible to do without outside support. Old habits die hard, and transformation requires persistence over time, with a steady hand to lead the way. So consider your first session an opportunity to explore what ‘s possible, and expect to do some serious work with Max going forward. Everyone is different, and each person’s requirements vary. In general, you might plan on a series of sessions over several months or more; once a week at first, then every two weeks, and so on.

Invest In Yourself

You spend money on many things: Covering your basic needs, caring for your family, keeping yourself entertained, and so on. But the way you approach life itself is fundamental to your happiness, and that deserves your attention as well. Changing one fundamental thing within you can produce positive changes in all aspects of your life.

Life is too precious, and your potential for fulfillment is too great, not to address your inner need for true growth and change. These sessions offer an excellent way to do that. Make an important investment in yourself and discover what’s possible. Begin today.

Kind Words From Clients