Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Max Highstein conducts Intuitive Counseling Sessions worldwide by phone and Skype, and locally at his Santa Fe, New Mexico office. Drawing upon 40 years of experience and training in psychology, spirituality, and the intuitive arts, he helps clients get unstuck, break free from the past, and move forward on their path.

If you’ve been doing your best to solve personal problems, have tried all the usual methods, and are still feeling blocked, perhaps it’s time for a deeper approach. Traditional counseling can help you recognize your patterns, but can’t truly resolve them. Meditation can help you temporarily relax, but won’t eliminate the source of your stress. Sometimes it’s necessary to work with someone who can provide insight as well as help move energy, so you can make a shift.

What would you like to focus on? Some of the possibilities include:

Relationships, Career, Personal Growth

  • Letting go of fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness.
  • Learning to trust yourself, others, and life.
  • Resolving control issues.
  • Communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Becoming more centered and grounded.
  • Fulfilling yourself in this life.

Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Higher Support

  • Developing intuition.
  • Opening your spiritual heart, and living from there.
  • Breakthrough in your meditation practice.
  • Resolving inner conflicts with spirituality and religion.
  • Opening to higher awareness, and to the input of spiritual guides, angels, and other figures.

What To Expect In Your Intuitive Counseling Session

Max Highstein brings keen intuitive insight, and deep, compassionate support to his sessions and groups. However, a session with Max Highstein is not a “psychic reading,” in which you passively sit back and receive “messages from on high.” Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” While receiving channeled information can sometimes be helpful, the goal of Max’s work is to help clients learn to access their own answers at increasingly deeper levels. Learning to do so is empowering, satisfying, and most helpful. Such is the difference between getting a psychic reading, and learning to cultivate and trust one’s own inner knowing.

Private sessions always begin with a dialog between you and Max. Sessions may include some specific delivered information, guided inner processes, and spiritual energy work. As shifts occur within, you’ll gain a sense of discovery, resolution and relief. Some issues may be resolved in one session. Deeper concerns can be worked through in a series of sessions, allowing you to let go and assimilate changes over time.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via Skype or in person at Max’s office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kind Words From Clients