Intuitive Spiritual Counselor Max Highstein

Max Highstein conducts Intuitive Counseling Sessions and Workshops worldwide by phone and Skype, and locally at his Santa Fe, New Mexico office. Drawing upon 40 years of experience and training in psychology, spirituality, and the intuitive arts, he helps clients get unstuck, break free from the past, and move forward on their path. Many of those who work with Max have tried traditional forms of counseling and therapy, and are looking for a deeper approach.

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Intuitive Counseling
Although Max Highstein was formally trained in psychology, he does not practice conventional counseling therapy. Gifted with natural intuitive ability cultivated over many years, Max has an uncanny knack for seeing into people and situations. But perhaps the most important part of that gift is helping people to open and evolve in their own timing. Compassion, understanding, and intuition all contribute to a space where his clients feel safe, heard, and appreciated. Gentle support as well as directness and encouragement are all part of his work. For more about what to expect in a session with Max, please explore the page about Intuitive Counseling Sessions.

Spiritual Counseling
Max Highstein’s clients come from various faiths, including many who consider themselves spiritual, but not religious. His work transcends religious boundaries, and draws upon key spiritual principles to help clients find true meaning and connection within. Clients are coached to access their own inner wisdom, and build a solid connection to the resources of their own heart. Whether looking to “God,” “Source,” “the Universe” or one’s “Higher Power,” where real love is present, healing is sure to follow.

Tapping Higher Guidance
With the right help, everyone can learn to tap higher guidance, receive messages of wisdom, and feel deep inner support for living a fulfilled life. If we have the patience to step back, relax, and listen, the heart will provide the necessary connection. Max Highstein draws steadily upon such higher guidance in his sessions and classes as an intuitive coach, pulling in information and energy as needed for each person and situation. He helps clients learn to do the same by offering simple techniques, patiently coaching, and setting an example.

Readings Versus Showing How
There are times when we need direct messages and interventions to help us make course corrections and move forward, and times when we need support for finding our own insight. Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” While providing clients with channeled information can be helpful, the goal of Max’s work is to help clients learn to access their own answers at increasingly deeper levels. Learning to do so is empowering, satisfying, and most helpful. Such is the difference between getting a psychic reading, and being supported to develop one’s intuition, and trust one’s own inner knowing.

Inner Connection Through Meditation
In a world where stress and turmoil are increasing, meditation can provide refuge, comfort, and stability. But unfortunately, many people try meditation without proper guidance and give it up as being too difficult. As part of his work, Max Highstein acts as a coach and guide to help clients establish a satisfying and productive meditation practice. Once one has eased into a routine without strict demands or unrealistic expectations, there is a far better chance of establishing a growing relationship with meditation that can produce ongoing and lasting results.

Max has also authored an extensive collection of guided meditation programs, available at his award-winning website, including “The Healing Waterfall,” which remains one of the most popular guided imagery programs of all time.

A Powerful Ally For Healing From The Past
From Max: “To live on Earth is to have wounds. We can live hurt for a long, long time, until we come to a time and place where it’s safe to heal. Once we’re ready, life often conspires to bring us events designed to get our attention! Dealing with fear, anger, and sadness that has accumulated inside isn’t an appealing prospect. But neither is carrying it forward through life. And so the season for healing begins, and we’re called to heed our inner needs, often at the same time as we go about our daily business.” For this transformation to occur, a gifted ally like Max Highstein can be an indispensable support.

Max has written much about clearing fear, anger, and sadness of the past, including numerous published guided meditations, courses, articles and videos. Exposure to these programs can be helpful, although for most people at least some direct contact in intuitive counseling sessions can make all the difference. Often it’s not enough to hear about the pathway, it needs to be walked beside one who has made the journey. Learn more about working with Max Highstein.