Your Ego Is The Size Of A Beach Ball!

egoSo what’s the deal with the ego? Freud talked about it. Spiritual teachers from the East talk about it. Your girlfriend talks about yours. Is your ego a problem? Maybe. Probably. He’s the deal.

Your ego is part of the standard equipment you got assigned when you first showed up here, in Earth School. You got a nice new body, in your choice of colors. You got an intellect to think up stuff, you got emotions to know when trouble was coming, and you got an ego. And they said, Here ya go, Pilgrim, there’s your Earth Suit, see what you can do that. 

Maybe it was your very first go-round, here in Earth School, so you kind of fumbled around for a while, and didn’t get much done. But eventually you realized, Hey, other people have stuff, and it looks good. I want stuff too! And that’s when your ego kicked in, and because you wanted stuff, you started growing, learning, and actually developing as a human being. At that early point, your ego was just a little guy, maybe about the size of an onion.

Like the body, intellect, and emotions, your ego has a specific purpose. It’s designed to keep you motivated, vertical, and moving forward through life, by any means necessary. It wakes you up in the morning, and gets you out of bed. It inspires you to reach for the stars, or at least for a paycheck, and it helps you keep your hair combed, so you’ll look nice to other egos.

One of the main things the ego does for us is keep us from getting overwhelmed by our emotions. So when we go through any kind of trauma — say we get beat up for instance — in order to keep us from being devastated by fear, the ego throws a kind of emotional circuit breaker. It cuts us off from our feelings at the point when they’re about to overwhelm us, and it stores those feelings away inside us, until we’re in a better position to deal with them. That’s a really good thing the ego does, and it can save our life.

ego-poster-imageBut that stuff it stores away, is what’s called emotional baggage, and the ego has to get a little bigger, in order to contain it. Maybe about the size of a grapefruit.

Well what happens is, as we go through experiences throughout our life time, and throughout lifetimes, in order to wall off all the fear, anger, and sadness we accumulate, our ego has to get bigger, and bigger. It creates all sorts of defenses, masks, and armoring just to help us feel safe. And eventually our ego gets so big that it consumes most of our energy, and our essence gets hidden behind this huge facade.

And that’s a problem, because then we can’t relate to ourselves or other people in a genuine way. It’s always our ego out front putting on a show, while our essence someplace way in the back, hiding. And it works that way whether your ego’s strategy is to be big and bombastic, or shy and self effacing. It’s the ego either way. Darn!

It’s a pickle. So, what to do? When we’ve got an accumulation of emotional baggage that the ego’s trying to contain, if we finally process and release those deferred emotions, the ego can relax. And the more of that baggage we release, the less we have, and eventually, our ego can shrink back down.

I call this emotional release work, clearing. And I’ve written a number of programs that can help you do that. Check out Releasing Fear, and Say Goodbye to Anger, and Clearing Your Energy at my website, The Healing Waterfall.