Working With Angels, Masters, & Guides

(Picture may not represent your actual experience of intuitive counseling session.)

Here is more information about the angels, masters, and personal guides supporting my intuitive counseling session work, why these energies are here, and what they can do to help.

The crux of the matter is that humanity is in the midst of a shift — a big one.

Imagine going back to 1888 as a visitor from the future, to talk about today’s technology. You would describe computers, cars, cell phones, airplanes, medical science, popular culture, all the things we take for granted. To someone from only 100 years ago, your description would seem “like a fairy tale — impossible!”

That’s the magnitude of the shift we’re in. Only this time instead of technology, we’re shifting in consciousness. We’re in the middle of a huge shift in the way we think, feel, process information and communicate. Because the change is so massive and fundamental, it won’t happen instantly. Consider different kinds of vehicles trying to change direction. A horse can turn around in a much shorter space than a car. A car can turn around faster than an 18 wheeler. But a big change in human consciousness is more like an ocean liner making a very slow, wide turn. Such a prolonged turning radius means the turn itself becomes something of a way of life. In fact, for many of us on board at this time in human history, our whole lives are about transition.

By the end of this transition we will have ongoing, tangible, conscious awareness of our spiritual connection to all things. Humanity will be living full time in love. You will know yourself in a completely new way, free of fear, fully plugged into all of Creation, with a direct line of communication to the Creator.

But that all seems “like a fairy tale — impossible!” How could such a huge change occur, given the fear, worry, anger, confusion and other painful patterns we currently find ourselves in?

The answer: We have Big Help.

The help comes from great beings in Spirit—angels, masters, healers, watchers, and supporters of all kinds. And because of the changes we’re going through, they are here now, in full force, waiting to help. Look at it this way: Transitions are the most interesting parts of any story, and our story just might be the most interesting thing happening in the universe. They’re all here for the show!

And to help us. They help us by their energy, by their intelligence, and by their love. To receive what they have to offer, all you need to do is ask and be open. You don’t need a healing or intuitive session with anyone to enjoy the connection, but networking with someone already “hooked up” can help you get started and move faster. How does that work?

Everyone on a spiritual path has an inner network, or team of helpers, including personal guides, angels and spiritual masters. As we progress over lifetimes, through service, prayer, and meditation, we develop greater rapport with our team, and gain access to higher and higher support. When you go to a healer/teacher/helper who has been on the path a very long time, you receive high level support. If that person is especially plugged in, you will not only receive information, you’ll receive energetic help from their team. The energy helps with your transformation in ways that informatioin alone can’t.

In my work, I introduce people to my “friends in high places*”, whose only agenda is your growth, freedom, and emergence. And with their support and guidance, we help you get unstuck from the patterns that keep you stuck. The work happens through the words that are spoken, and through the Grace-full, powerful energies that are conveyed. If you feel a resonance with what you’ve been reading here, then perhaps what I have to offer would be helpful to you. You’re welcome to book a session and find out.

On your path of growth, you are at the leading edge of this great transition into love. May your path be filled with Grace!