Short video statements and notes from Max Highstein’s Intuitive Counseling clients about their experience. Names are withheld for privacy.

“Thank you so very much for the session. A deep healing has taken place and things are beginning to flow again. ‘Toxic junk’ is disappearing and balance is being restored.”


Balance Restored

“Where I’m at in my life right now [student in medical school], I couldn’t have accomplished these things by myself. I needed help, and looked for somebody to help me — I didn’t know who… and you came there. You coming into my life changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you taught me.

“You taught me to forget about what’s going on in my head, and get into my heart. Just sit there and just feel. To get rid of negativity and the tapes that play in your mind, telling you things that are negative, and not true. I’m now able to get past that, and accept all those loving thoughts, those positive thoughts.

“It’s an awesome way to feel and an awesome way to live, when you’re no longer trapped by your own thoughts and your own misery. And I thank you, Max, every single day.”



No Longer Trapped by Negative Thoughts

“I’ve been a client of Max Highstein’s for about 3 years. For about 4 decades before I met Max I did a lot of reading, seminars, and spiritual practices, all in an attempt to get back to being who I think I really am. But until I met Max, I didn’t really think I was getting anywhere.

Max has an incredible intuitive nature, and remarkable spiritual knowledge. Having a session with Max was like being with my best friend — someone who I know loved me, didn’t judge me, and always told me the truth.

Since seeing Max I now feel like I’m on the path to becoming my authentic self. So I highly suggest that if you have any life issues, or feel stuck in any way that you get in touch with Max and have a session. Thank you.”


Becoming My Authentic Self

“I so appreciated our session. The messages gave me such a sense of “yes”, which after stumbling in the dark for so long is pretty significant and affirming. Now I have movement and direction.”


Movement & Direction

“Today I had a session with max and it was incredible. It was so supportive and loving, and I feel much more like myself after the session. I feel grounded, I feel really expanded.

What Max told me in the session was very right on, very accurate for what I needed to hear at this time in my life, and during this transition that I’m going through in starting my own business. Max really got clearly and accurately what I needed to hear, and told me the things that are going to be essential for me and for my growth right now.

Max did some energy work for me at the end of the session, and it was really a great experience. It felt so loving… he just really knows what to do, and is very gifted and talented at what he does. And so I highly recommend Max for intuitive counseling and energy work.”

Client names are withheld for privacy.


Essential Information & Energy Work

“I’ve been to a lot of people and seemed to get nowhere. But you went right to the core issue I’m dealing with, and made it clear to me so I can work with it. Thank you so much!”


Core Issues

“I’ve been working with Max for about 6 months now, and I came to Santa Fe from Canada around that time period.

Max was someone who was able to help me with both mundane problems and greater spiritual questions that I have. For example, after I moved into my place, there was an armed robbery about a block away from me, and Max was able to help me deal with the fear and the anger and confusion about that; and reframe it in a way that was less emotional and help me move on from that experience.

Max has also been able to help me move away from constant intellectualizing and get more in touch with my body and specifically my heart, and that has open up paths to my intuition that I wasn’t even aware of.

And finally, since Max is a spiritual based counselor, I’m able to concentrate more on some of the bigger questions I have about life and he’s helped me move away from some of the sad, ancient stories of my life into a more positive energy.”


Mundane Problems to Big Spiritual Questions

“I’ve known Max Highstein for several years now, and he has helped me immeasurably in my own emergence as a spiritual teacher, and as a person. He’s someone I feel I can call to address issues that are difficult for me to get to.

As a spiritual teacher, healer and facilitator myself, I know how important it is to keep myself expanding and keep myself releasing all that is old and no longer supporting me.

Max has a unique capacity for hooking me up with my guides, my angels, my support on high, and helping me get through these difficult issues that I’m facing. He really stays with me the whole time, and in his way of going deeper and deeper with me he allows me to open the book of my life in a way that helps me tremendously.

My gratitude to him for my life and my life and my work is immeasurable, and I’m glad to be doing this testimonial for him. Thank you.”

Client names are withheld for privacy.


Testimony From A Spiritual Teacher

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Max, from a professional level and obviously from a personal level.

Max has a unique and powerful way of helping me and teaching me how to get to the core of any issue. And what I mean by that is that he has taught me how to connect deeply with myself, with my heart.

So that the work we do is actually from the inside, going out. And what that allows for an incredibly empowering position for me, because then regardless of whatever circumstances come up, I’m able to work through it and connect with my heart. And for that I’m extremely grateful.


Heart Centered Empowerment

“I want to thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and healer in what has been the most unusual journey of my life. Honestly, I am quite certain I would not have made the strides toward true inner peace that I have, without your wise and compassionate help.”


True Inner Peace

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am. You tuned right into the issues I’m confronting. Some of what you delivered was practical… Some of it was deeply energetic. I feel lighter than air!”


Lighter than air