Transparency. Max talks with Harmony West.

This week we’ve got company. Today I’m having a conversation with Harmony West, a Family Health and Wellness Educator I think you’ll find inspiring.

Harmony exemplifies someone who’s working on herself with honesty and integrity, while she’s helping others to heal. Harmony exhibits a trait she refers to as “transparency”. What that means to me is that she’s present, real, and vulnerable.

That vulnerability is what creates the all important safe space for her clients — a space that allows those in her presence the comfort to let their guard down, and discover their own truth. That’s what I admire most about Harmony West.

We talk about the impossible act of parenting, what it means to be transparent and vulnerable, and living life as we know it. Listen and enjoy.

More about Harmony West
Harmony West weaves Parent Coaching, Women and Girl’s Circles and Energy Balancing into a tapestry of services that help women and children be strong. In addition to her services she’s an author of four books on how to love yourself with intentional acts of self-care. To learn more about Harmony West, please visit her website: