The Truth About Psychics & Intuitives

What a psychic sees when they look at your aura.

Some people are gifted at seeing, sensing, or knowing things beyond normal human perception. We often describe these people as being “psychic”. If they use their special gifts to counsel others, they generally describe themselves as being “a psychic”; or more recently as being “an intuitive”. The difference between the two is usually a matter of real estate — psychics tend to work the low income neighborhoods, and intuitives work the more upscale!

In all seriousness, the gifts are about the same in either case, but “intuitives” began using that term to separate themselves from fortune tellers, and lend a more professional tone to their image. In fact, the word “psychic” comes from a Greek word meaning “of or pertaining to the soul”. There’s nothing low class or unspiritual with being a psychic.

And, there’s nothing wrong with going to a psychic. Psychics, or for that matter, channels, may provide a glimpse into the another dimension, may instill hope, and may even provide useful advice. But relying on a psychic or other oracle on any regular basis can become a problem.

One part of the problem is that we all have intuitive gifts. We’re all capable of listening to our heart, following inner guidance, and using good common sense. If we rely on other people to provide the intuition, our own intuitive ability can suffer. It would be like paying someone to carry us around so we don’t have to walk. If you stop using your legs, eventually you won’t be able to.

Relying on psychics too much can also make you a little batty. Bats fly around in crazy patterns, hence the term. You, however, have a natural homing device—a kind of inner compass—that tells you which way is forward on your spiritual path. It’s constantly guiding you to the experience your soul needs next in order to grow. Your inner compass is like a migratory bird’s instinct to fly south for the winter. If you turn over your flight plan to someone else, you loose touch with the Earth, and begin to feel ungrounded and unsure of your direction. In other words, “batty”. Relying on your own intuition instead of calling a psychic feels like more work in the short term, but pays off in the long run: It helps keep you grounded and connected to Source.

Using psychic readings to try and learn what the future holds, especially to try and manage and control life, is also not such a good idea. One of the things we’re all here to learn is trust. Trust in God, trust in the great universe, trust in self. Consulting an oracle for predictions undermines self confidence and reinforces fear and insecurity. The way to build inner trust is to face fear head on, take deep breaths, and move on forward one step at a time. That happens in the present time, not the future.

The best and most helpful psychics/intuitives are also the best teachers. They not only offer good advice, but actually work themselves out of a job by encouraging their clients to rely on their own intuition. Such psychic advisors are all too rare.

There’s one way to tell if you’ve been to a great psychic. A week later, after the thrill of the reading has worn off, it’s not so much whether you feel like they were awesome. It’s whether you feel like you are!