Testimony From A Spiritual Teacher

“I’ve known Max Highstein for several years now, and he has helped me immeasurably in my own emergence as a spiritual teacher, and as a person. He’s someone I feel I can call to address issues that are difficult for me to get to.

As a spiritual teacher, healer and facilitator myself, I know how important it is to keep myself expanding and keep myself releasing all that is old and no longer supporting me.

Max has a unique capacity for hooking me up with my guides, my angels, my support on high, and helping me get through these difficult issues that I’m facing. He really stays with me the whole time, and in his way of going deeper and deeper with me he allows me to open the book of my life in a way that helps me tremendously.

My gratitude to him for my life and my life and my work is immeasurable, and I’m glad to be doing this testimonial for him. Thank you.”

Client names are withheld for privacy.