Mundane Problems to Big Spiritual Questions

“I’ve been working with Max for about 6 months now, and I came to Santa Fe from Canada around that time period.

Max was someone who was able to help me with both mundane problems and greater spiritual questions that I have. For example, after I moved into my place, there was an armed robbery about a block away from me, and Max was able to help me deal with the fear and the anger and confusion about that; and reframe it in a way that was less emotional and help me move on from that experience.

Max has also been able to help me move away from constant intellectualizing and get more in touch with my body and specifically my heart, and that has open up paths to my intuition that I wasn’t even aware of.

And finally, since Max is a spiritual based counselor, I’m able to concentrate more on some of the bigger questions I have about life and he’s helped me move away from some of the sad, ancient stories of my life into a more positive energy.”