Testimony From A Spiritual Teacher

“I’ve known Max Highstein for several years now, and he has helped me immeasurably in my own emergence as a spiritual teacher, and as a person. He’s someone I feel I can call to address issues that are difficult for … Read More

Becoming My Authentic Self

“I’ve been a client of Max Highstein’s for about 3 years. For about 4 decades before I met Max I did a lot of reading, seminars, and spiritual practices, all in an attempt to get back to being who I … Read More

Mundane Problems to Big Spiritual Questions

“I’ve been working with Max for about 6 months now, and I came to Santa Fe from Canada around that time period. Max was someone who was able to help me with both mundane problems and greater spiritual questions that … Read More

Heart Centered Empowerment

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Max, from a professional level and obviously from a personal level. Max has a unique and powerful way of helping me and teaching me how to get to … Read More

No Longer Trapped by Negative Thoughts

“Where I’m at in my life right now [student in medical school], I couldn’t have accomplished these things by myself. I needed help, and looked for somebody to help me — I didn’t know who… and you came there. You … Read More

Essential Information & Energy Work

“Today I had a session with max and it was incredible. It was so supportive and loving, and I feel much more like myself after the session. I feel grounded, I feel really expanded. What Max told me in the … Read More