Shared Karma & Antibiotics

garlicToday I’m going to talk about humanity’s evolution as a whole, and the karma we individually take on in service to that. And to illustrate that point, I’m going to use the example of antibiotics, which I was also taking recently for a tricky respiratory infection.

Medical science is only just catching on to the fact that while antibiotic medication has been hugely valuable to us, there may be serious long term effects from these drugs on our immune systems. Recent studies show that giving antibiotics to newborns and children seems to be implicated in the sharp rise in allergies over cent decades, and even be tied to adult obesity. And the over prescription of antibiotics to adults for colds and flu seems to be causing bacteria to be more resistant to any treatment.

I’m was raised by a medical doctor in the 50’s, and got dosed with loads of antibiotics, and I’ve always struggled with allergies, so this hits home for me personally.

Antibiotics including Penicillin have saved millions of lives. But it’s taken time for us to figure out the downside. It will take more time for science to learn when it’s best not to prescribe these drugs, and figure out exactly when we can avoid using them.

The point of all this is, it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just that as a species, humanity is a work in progress, an ongoing experiment in how to use these bodies and live here on this Earth.

Another obvious example of our evolution here is energy use. It’s taken us a while to figure out that burning fossil fuel is ultimately going to destroy our world, but  now we’re learning how to live in better cooperation with our environment. It’s not that we’re stupid, it’s just that we’re designed to evolve, and we’re evolving. Evolution takes time.

So let’s look at this from the vantage point of a soul coming to Earth. A soul’s current state of evolution determines the kind of situation they’ll be born into. The question is, given my evolution as a soul – how much I’ve already learned, what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are, how much service I’ve put in versus how much service I’ve been given, how busy I’ve been vrs how much rest I’ve gotten in my last life – given all these kinds of factors, what kind of life will be most useful to my personal evolution, and earn me the most growth. Note that this is a very different question than “what kind of life would be most enjoyable”. More on that later.

Depending on our specific needs at the time, we might come in to be of service, say as a mother and nurse, or be independently wealthy and mostly just have fun, or be a leader, or an artist, or a scientist. We might be here to have what some might consider a normal, average life, just to get that experience. A new soul might come into a life of poverty and hardship, just to begin learning what it feels like to be in a body here, and get a taste of what compassion is all about.

But beyond that, we all take on some group karma. For example, maybe you come in for a lifetime in the Middle Ages: There will be some great relationships, and maybe you’ll learn to play the recorder, but the sewage system won’t be so hot, the house will be drafty, and you’ll probably be killed in a religious war. But that’s the state of the art at that point in time, that’s where we are in our evolution.

Or, you might incarnate in the late 20th century during the dawn of the computer age. You might get to see some great TV shows, but there will be some nasty sexually transmitted diseases, and you’ll probably get too many antibiotics and have a bunch of weird allergies to put up with.

We get the state of the art in some form or another, for every age we live in here. And we all share some of the burden of uncovering the secrets that will lead to better life for us all in the next age.

Life here is an incredible multidimensional laboratory. Souls come here to grow and learn, and to gain wisdom, perspective and strength that souls need. We know we’re signing up for a certain amount of pain and struggle. That’s part of the setup here. Knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it hurt less. In all our great wisdom, we tend to evaluate our lives here by our happiness. But from our soul’s point of view, it’s not about joy, it’s about our growth.

So for now, we use antibiotics too much. That’s just the current state of affairs, and there will always be something we’re evolving away from and evolving toward. The issue for us to be careful not to look at life from a limited perspective, and expect or demand that it be different. Judging creation, life, or humanity for being stupid, wrong, or unfair doesn’t help us, and just keeps us stuck. Life is only unfair from a very limited, childish point of view. From the soul’s point of view, it’s nothing but opportunity, and a miraculous one at that!