Sensitive, or Just Crazy?

Because of my music composing work for guided imagery and relaxation, many of my Facebook friends are massage therapists, counselors and healers. The other day one of them posted something that really caught my attention. She said she was puzzled by so many of her colleagues talking about needing to be grounded so as not to pick up negative energy from their clients. She posited that either there was something seriously wrong with her for not having any such experience, or her colleagues were really weird.


Following her post were a series of comments, more than half of which suggested that those energy-feeling colleagues were just silly people with overactive imaginations. The other half were from the energy-feeling colleagues themselves, affirming their own experience.

We’re all wired a little differently, with varying talents, abilities and sensitivities. Some of us are way out on the end of the scale, and that can make us feel unique, or weird, special, or wrong, lonely, or exulted. When we find a few other people like us, who have a similar experience of life, often that’s all we need to feel like we do fit in somehow, and know that there isn’t something wrong with us.

I know this is true with people who have extrasensory perception, because I’ve met plenty of them, and fall into that category myself. Lots of people see, hear, or feel things that go beyond the usual senses, and many of those people gravitate toward the healing arts, where those skills can be applied. So it’s not unusual to find a massage therapist who feels people’s energy. This is not a defect, a sign of mental illness, or symptom having been sprinkled with fairy dust. It’s a natural sensitivity that can make life a lot richer and more interesting, and it can even be helpful. Among my colleagues, it’s not at all unusual to find practitioners who do some form of energy work, either exclusively, or as an adjunct to their other therapy skills.

I also know that for many, the ability to feel energy may be latent, and therefore potentially brought out and cultivated. Put that massage therapist who doesn’t feel energy in a room full of people who do, practice together for a while, and pretty soon she’ll begin opening up that part of her perceptive mind. Energy sensitivity is a natural part of our operating equipment. Some of us come in with it fully turned on and ready to go, and some just need a little help getting it started.

I can’t guarantee that everyone who wants to feel energy will be able to. But I do know that being in judgment about it, being cynical about it, and staying in one’s head about it tend to keep that gift out of reach. Feeling energy is part of our intuitive skill set, and intuition operates best when we’re relaxed, curious, and open. Judgment keeps it tightly locked out. When we judge it, we’re essentially telling our system, “That looks wrong to me, and I don’t want to be one of those weird people.” Our system will tend to respond accordingly, and keep it shut down.

As for myself, would I prefer to go to a massage therapist who can feel energy, vrs one who can’t? Probably, because the one who can is apt to be more sensitive to what my body needs. But ultimately, one who cares about helping me, and has found a way to skillfully get her work done is probably the one who I’d choose.

While I was learning how to open up my own intuition skill set, I paid a lot of attention to what worked, and what didn’t. My online course, Intuition Retreat, covers everything I know about getting your own intuitive, energy sensing abilities turned on. Find that program at the new Intuition Retreat website, and all of my work, here at The Healing Waterfall.