Psychic Protection

psychic protectionIn this episode I’m going to talk about the issue of psychic protection, and picking up negativity from other people. I believe there’s a good bit of misinformation and fear floating around about this subject. So I’ll try to bring a bit of clarity, and I hope you’ll find it helpful. 

The notion of psychic protection suggests that there is negativity out and about that will somehow infect us, get into our system, or get stuck to us; and we need to protect ourselves from it. It’s as if the negativity were UV rays and we need sunblock. The idea is that if we go into a situation where there is a lot of dark energy, negative vibes, or bad thoughts and feelings floating around, we’ll pick it up like a virus. Another side of this notion is that if someone is mad at us, their anger will throw off bad energy that can be harmful to us. The extreme version of this is that there are those who would attempt to do harm by sending out negative thoughts, or energies toward us.

First of all, it’s true that we can and do attract negativity. However, it’s not so much about the energy we’re exposed to, as it is about the energy we hold inside. And this is the important point that’s most often neglected. It’s always easier to look outside of ourselves for the problem, than to do our own housekeeping.

We all carry some unprocessed, stored negativity inside. We accumulate it throughout life, and throughout lifetimes, by going through life’s traumatic experiences. When that happens, and we don’t have the opportunity to fully let go of the fear, anger, sadness, or other forms of negativity that arise within us, we store it. So for example, when we experience a great loss, and don’t have the opportunity to fully grieve, we carry sadness forward. When we are hurt by someone, have a bad accident, or see someone else get badly hurt, and can’t fully heal and feel safe again, we carry forward fear. When we feel betrayed and are left without any way to express that and get over it, we can carry forward anger.

We carry unprocessed fear, anger, sadness and more inside, until such time as we’re ready to begin healing the past. That stored negativity resides in our unconscious, so we’re often not even aware of it. But it’s not as if it were sealed in a vacuum. It’s still a form of energy, so it still  attracts energy to us. At some point in time we’re ready to begin releasing that stuff and healing from it, and it kind of stirs awake. And when it does, it becomes activated, and attracts more of the same to us. At that point we become more vulnerable to picking up stuff from the outside. Fear attracts fear, anger attracts anger, and so on.

So, the best way to keep from attracting negativity, is to clear the negativity within us as it’s coming up. By doing our own inner clearing, we have the best possible chance of keeping the bad stuff out.

The more we focus on the bad stuff outside of ourselves, and trying to protect ourselves from it, the less we’re taking responsibility for our own inner stuff. So actually, trying to do all kinds of psychic protection, whether that means imagining a protective bubble around ourselves, or putting tinfoil on our head, just keeps us stuck. And if anything, that just attracts more negativity.

The focus needs to be on what’s going on within us, instead of what’s supposedly coming at us. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t avoid waking down dark alleys and going into dive bars. And it doesn’t mean we should see every violent movie that comes out. We’re responsible for making our environment suit our own growth. But it does mean we need to clean up our own act first from the inside.

I have a guided meditation program that’s directly related to psychic protection, called Clearing Your Energy. You can find this, and all of my work, at The Healing Waterfall dot com. I hope you’ll find it helpful.