What Do You Need To Know?

In my online course, Intuition Retreat, there’s a forum for students to ask a question of the instructor, who happens to be me. And if I have an answer, I’ll offer it. If I don’t have an answer, I try to resist the tendency to act smart, and make something up.  Instead, I just say, “I don’t know”. The interesting thing is that once I say “I don’t know”, information usually starts coming in, and soon I know something I didn’t know before.

Why does it work that way? I don’t know…

Maybe it’s because honesty sets up a vibration inside us that makes it easier to access higher consciousness, and pull in information from there. Or maybe my guardian angel hears me say, “I don’t know”, goes and gets the information for me, and drops it into my mind.

If you like the idea of pulling in new information, and you want to try this at home, I’d suggest doing it either in conversation with someone you feel comfortable with, or while you’re journaling. When something comes up that you’re wondering about, and you don’t seem to have an answer, just say “I don’t know”. Then just keep talking, or writing, and notice what comes through. You might surprise yourself.

So, back to my student’s question on the Intuition Retreat forum. Recently, a student asked me a technical question about the chakras. My immediate answer was, I don’t know, because frankly, although I looked into all this a long time ago, it’s not the kind of material I dwell upon and keep in my head.

To be quite honest, I like to keep as little in my head as possible, because I find that living in the intellect keeps me from being in my heart. And I like being in my heart much better. For me, my heart is where all the juicy good life stuff is, where all that happening-in-the-moment stuff is, where love is. Once I learned about being in my heart, I started caring a lot less about being in my head, and information became way less attractive.

Also in the head, all the jazz concerning fear, anger, sadness and that kind of stuff. Defense mechanisms, arguments, justifications, judgment, arrogance. All of that happens in the intellect and the ego. In my spiritual heart, none of that. So it’s a much nicer place to be.

Besides, I’ve discovered that when I need to know something, if I’ve got my heart open and things are flowing nicely, I can pretty much access whatever I need to know, when I need to know it. And of course, there’s always Google, which can help in a pinch.

Especially when it comes to spiritual things, I find that most information tends to be a sidetrack. Look at it this way. Which would you rather do, learn about all the different spiritual realms, read the chakras, and know the guardian of the seventh ray of Neptune, or feel love in your heart? Once your heart opens, and you’re in a nice steady flow of love from above, you tend to care a lot less about the details, at least in my experience.

But we do get hung up on knowing things. Why do you suppose there are there so many books about esoteric information, and so many classes about and trainings about learning all sorts of mystical stuff?

A few reasons. One is we’re bored, and that stuff can be entertaining for a while. Another is, we feel unloved, and knowing about special things can make us feel special for a while. And most importantly, it’s a distraction from a lot of unprocessed, uncomfortable feelings we have inside, that we’d like to avoid dealing with. For a while.

If we feel empty, unfulfilled, unhappy, unloved, and uncomfortable, we’ll look for any way we can find to feel better. That’s just human nature. Also human nature is to look for the fastest and easiest way to feel better. And the thing we have most readily available at our disposal, all the time, is our own intellect. We can go up into our head, get involved in thoughts, fantasies, stories, arguments, lessons, classes, books, and anything to engage that part of our brain, and we’ll be temporarily distracted from our discomfort. So, the intellect, and the path of knowledge, is a compelling avenue. We even get validation from society, because in our culture, we almost all agree that knowledge is a good thing.

But if you want to stop feeling pain, pretty much anything you do with your intellect is going to be at best a temporary band aid, and most certainly a side track. Sooner or later, you’ve got to come back to whatever it is inside that’s bothering you, keeping you feeling bored, uncomfortable and unloved.

The answer is not in the intellect, it’s in the emotions. Not to dwell there and wallow, but to get in touch with whatever it is that’s in the way, and release it. Anything else is a detour. For most of us, the emotions need some attention and healing, and then the real spirituality happens when we’re being honest, open, and willing to receive higher guidance and love from above.

So, when it comes to information, I like to avoid getting hung up on it. But, if you’re still wondering about the question my student asked, and what I told her? Here’s what I said, more or less. The chakras are energy centers that connect our bodies with universal energy or life force. The ones from the heart upward have to do with connecting to spiritual input, or higher guidance. The heart chakra is the crossover point, between all of our lower centers, which mostly have to do with earthly survival, and our higher centers, which have to do with our higher nature. Focus in the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Want to learn more? All of my programs and courses are heavy on experiential learning, as opposed to intellectual stuff that would mostly just weigh you down. It’s all designed to help you relax, open to higher awareness, receive love from above, and let go of anything in the way. You can find Intuition Retreat, the program about developing your intuition and psychic ability, at intuitionretreat.com. And you can find the rest of my over 70 programs, guided meditations and courses, including Heart Meditations, Clearing Your Energy, Releasing Fear, and many more, at the The Healing Waterfall. Thanks for listening!