Me Or The Dog

Me Or The DogI woke up this morning with stuff coming up within me to clear. At this point in life I know that when I experience anything within me that isn’t neutral or loving, it’s my job to let it go as quickly as possible. That’s part of my ongoing maintenance and “spiritual fitness” program. I pay attention to my inner climate, and let go as needed. The stuff coming up was definitely in the category of something to let go of.

So me, my dog, and my stuff all took a nice long walk. Unfortunately we all came back to the house together. It was time for more serious measures. Me and my stuff sat down to meditate. (The dog was there too, but it was hard to tell whether he was meditating, praying for me, or just dreaming about squirrels.)

When I meditate I turn the phone off, and I often keep it nearby so I can check messages after my meditation and journaling. It took me about 15 minutes or so, but eventually, by focusing in my heart and breathing, I let go of the stuff, and opened up to much nicer energies from above. I possibly could have made the shift sooner, but that’s how long it happened to take for me to stop being captivated by my stuff, stop drifting about mentally, and simply get present in my heart. It used to take a few days, or even weeks, so this is major progress. That’s why I keep telling my intuitive counseling clients to breathe and focus in their heart. It works, and it’s free.

About that time I opened my eyes for no reason I can say, and saw the light go on in my phone. I’d been on a waiting list for a session with my bodyworker, and she was calling to say she had an opening. By being available, I could take advantage of that opportunity. This is where the pithy moral comes in.

Once I got into my heart, I was available for input coming in from my Higher Self and God. Input there includes things like love, lots of love, more love, insight, connection, direction, healing; and when I’m with friends or clients it includes all kinds of love, healing and connection with, from, and for them. But that only happens if I’m available. If I’m busy with my stuff, there’ no opening, and all that good energy can’t get in. Maybe it goes to someone else. Maybe my dog gets it instead. Good dog.

This is why I meditate, breathe, and focus in my heart every day, whether I’m dealing with my stuff, or not. I’m working on being more and more available, as much as possible. Good stuff is coming down all the time, and they’re just looking to see who’s open.