Listen to What?

cover-500I suggest taking time every day to listen. And, listen to what you might ask. Well, you’ve got lots of options. You could listen to music, or listen to political pundits, you could listen to your mother, or listen to your sister. You could listen to your friend Doris, but she talks way too much. You could listen to the refrigerator hum, or the cars go by. Of course you could listen to me. I always recommend that, because, I know things.

You could listen to your body, which might be saying you’re hungry, or you’re sleepy, or you’re horny. You could listen to your intellect, which is always happy to take you for a free ride to nowhere, and back again, or leave you in a bad neighborhood. And your intellect does have a tendency to tell you the same old stuff you already know.

You could listen to your emotions. That can be entertaining, if you like amusement park rides. But personally, I think it is a good idea to listen to your feelings periodically, so you know what they are. Otherwise, you might not know how you feel. And you definitely want to know some of that, or might end up getting surprised one day to find out that you feel really sad, or really angry, or really afraid. And you could have done something to avoid getting that way if you’d been paying attention before, when you were just a little afraid, or angry, or sad. So you might want to listen to your feelings, or at least feel them every so often.

But for now, I want to point out that it would be a really good idea to take some of your precious time every day to listen to your higher heart. Your deepest inner guidance. Your spiritual support, if you will. That part of you, deep inside, beyond the noise. It really helps to get in touch.

All the other stuff is fine to listen to the rest of the day, if you want to. But unless you set aside at least some time every day to listen to the real you, you’re basically going to be drifting in the wind, when you could be following your most compelling, fulfilling path in life.

That’s because, as you may have noticed, the world is a distracting place. And there are millions of voices vying for your attention, calling you to follow them, believe their story, and do their bidding. Could be parents, advertisers, friends, politicians, podcasters. And it could be your own stuff — your own fear, anger and sadness with its dramatic show. None of that is really you, and none of it helps you make your way down the road to fulfillment. I’d say none of it help you fulfill your dreams, but that always makes me think of trying to find my locker in high school, or trying to find a bathroom, and who wants those dreams to come true.

You have the most precious resource available right in the middle of your chest, and it’s called your higher chakra, or your higher heart. But it will rarely broadcast to you, if you’re not intentionally tuning in to hear it. If you want to know what to do, and where to go to get the most out of life, you have to listen for the inner directions. And I’m serious about needing to set aside time every day to do it. It’s like having buried treasure in your back yard. Unless stop doing other things for a while, and go after it, it just stays buried.

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