Hooking Up To Spirit

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Connecting With GuidesLike many people in my generation I was born into a family that was religious but not spiritual. We attended services, and celebrated holidays, but we didn’t experience much beyond a feeling of what I would call culture and community. No one ever said anything like, “I really felt the presence of God today”. Our religion was more about doing the right thing, lighting some candles, and trying to be smart. By the time I was in my teens I figured out I didn’t particularly need religious services to do any of those things, and religion felt pretty hollow to me.

Interestingly, though I believe the majority of people back in my day were religious but not quite spiritual, today, according to recent surveys more than 60% of people in the US consider themselves spiritual but not religious. So that whole big ship seems to have turned completely around — not for all of us, but for many.

For me it all turned completely around in my late teens, when I unexpectedly began to have true spiritual experiences. One day I was minding my own business, when I began hearing people speaking to me — people who where not in any way physically present, but who felt as real to me as if they were in the same room. They were very kind and loving toward me, and seemed to know me inside and out, as if they’d been looking in on me since the day I was born.

The subject of our conversations centered around life, spirituality, and my path forward in the world. Yet none of it happened in a church or synagogue. The experience was deeply alarming, and powerfully inspiring, and it quickly changed me from someone with no belief or interest in God and spirituality, to one who had absolutely no doubt.

It took me quite a while to put this into perspective, but eventually I came to understand that these where communications from what I now loosely refer to as “my guides”. They’re not guardian angels exactly, but they often seem like it. They’re actually a collection of old friends from other lifetimes, teachers, masters, and other beings in spirit. The figures who call on me have changed over the years, according to what I happen to be learning or working on at the time. And sometimes they come to point me in a new direction, as they did so profoundly at first.

My connection with this kind of spiritual input waxes and wanes. There are times when it seems as if I’m fully plugged into a very direct communication, and other times when I need to listen very closely and carefully to pick up the slightest thread. It tends to open up more when I’m in my heart, working directly with clients, or doing my writing and composing, and less when I’m in my head, trying to solve problems by thinking.

But I alway welcome and cherish that connection, and would say that my relationship with Spirit is one of the most precious things I have here in this world.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to open and expand that connection to Spirit, and help my clients and listeners do the same. My audio programs, Meet Your Guide, and Intuition Retreat are both excellent ways of helping you to expand your own spiritual connection, if you’d like to. You can find those programs, and all of my work, here at The Healing Waterfall.