The Heart Meditation Technique, Part 2

This is the second post about learning the heart meditation technique, so if you’re new to this piece you might want to go back one episode and start there. In the previous episode I talked about the heart meditation and said it basically breaks down to the following: focus in your heart, relax and receive. In this episode I’ll explain more about how to do that, and talk about what happens when you run into your emotions, on the way to your spiritual heart…

Feelings Arising During The Heart Meditation Technique

So what happens when you light a candle and sit in your comfortable chair and close your eyes and drop down into your heart, and get ready to relax and receive? One of the things that can happen is that you might notice you don’t feel very good. When that happens, it’s because you haven’t been feeling very good all along, but since you were in your head thinking most of the time, you weren’t paying attention to how you were feeling, and didn’t notice. Isn’t it good that you didn’t notice? No, because actually, you were just numb from the neck down. And it’s not good to go through life being numb. When you’re numb, you’re not fully alive, and can’t truly experience love, or happiness, or fulfillment. All you can do is walk through life with everything filtered through your intellect.

Is it OK to feel numb? Sure. For a while, after you’ve been through a traumatic experience, or a traumatic childhood. But eventually, you’ll want to wake up inside. And if you’ve been numb, and you’re listening to a podcast like this one, it’s probably time to get out of your head, and into your body and your heart, and start waking up. Life is waiting.

So you sit down to meditate, you drop down from your head, and now all of a sudden you realize that you’re feeling sad, or angry, or fearful. That doesn’t sound very much like all the good stuff I listed like connection to love. So now what? You have to start where you are. If you’re feeling this stuff, it’s because this stuff is sitting there within you, and it’s probably been there for a long time, waiting to get your attention. Now it needs to be dealt with in the most efficient way possible. Stuff is coming up within you to clear, and the way to do that is to simply be present with it, and breathe deeply. Feel that feeling, and take slow, full deep breaths. Deep breaths will help move it through you. While you’re doing that, stay neutral toward it, even if it’s just a tiny bit of neutrality. Obviously, if you’re feeling angry, sad, or afraid, that’s not neutral. But some small part of you can step back and simply observe. It’s like going to a scary movie, getting all caught up in the show, and then looking at the ceiling of the movie theater every once in a while, and reminding yourself, it’s just a movie.

You’re feeling your feelings, breathing, and keeping a neutral perspective on all of it. One way to maintain some neutrality, is the tell yourself “stuff is coming up to clear”. Instead of saying, I feel sad, say sadness is coming up to clear”. Or I’m processing sadness. That’s different from saying I feel sad, because you’re not identifying with it so closely. It’s a neutral perspective. Same for anger or fear or whatever is moving inside.

When negative stuff comes up, you don’t need to analyze it, figure out where it came from, or try to solve it. All it is is old energy coming up to clear, so the less energy you give it, the faster it can leave. It’s not complicated, or even difficult, although it can be rather uncomfortable at times. The short version of all of this is simply “breathe, and let it go”.

So we’ve talked about the heart, and dropping down from the intellect. And we’ve talked about what happens when stuff is in the way. Next episode I’ll talk more specifically about how to do the technique, and receive more of you’re after.

In the mean time, I’ve created two guided programs on learning to meditate that I suggest to many of my clients. If this is a subject that interests you, you might want to check it out.