Drugs Versus Meditation — How About Those Drugs?

Recent surveys report that over 20 percent of us here in the US are taking some kind of prescribed psychiatric medication for mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit disorder. So one out of five of us are on meds, and that includes something like 6% of teens.

Does that strike you as odd? I hope it does. Because to me it seems that if this many of us, and the numbers are increasing, need to take drugs just to get on with life, there’s something seriously wrong with the way we’re living.

And there is. We’ve got ourselves backed into a corner where extreme levels of stress are making it impossible to live without literally “going crazy”. The reason for all the stress? The main one is we’ve gone way too far in the direction of looking for happiness from the outside. We have too much need for more and more things. Too much need to look like TV stars. And too much need to have all our time filled with distractions on screens, so that we don’t have to notice that we don’t feel too good inside. We have way too much pressure in general, contributing to way too many incidents of violence. And violence produces trauma, and that’s more big stress.

Of course we need drugs, because we’re not designed to live under this much stress. And we’re not designed to become so out of touch with ourselves. Being out of touch with the way we feel, results in a backlog of unresolved pressure inside. To keep that all in check, drugs!

It’s a crazy way to live. Literally. And if we keep going in the same direction, it’s going to get worse. 

Now look, for people with true clinical mental illness, drugs can be the only solution. But doctors have become too quick to label patients according to insurance categories, and prescribe drugs without looking toward other solutions. Counseling, exercise, better diet, and meditation are all effective, natural alternatives to drugs. These alternatives deal with the root of the problem without covering it up the way medication does. And ultimately they tend to lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

If you’re thinking about getting some drugs to help you deal, and you haven’t incorporated counseling, better diet, exercise, and meditation into your life, why not step back and consider what you’re doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out that you’re really OK, and don’t need drugs? And to even discover that you actually can enjoy living in your own body and mind for a change? Counseling, better diet, exercise, and meditation. Natural, safe, and effective solutions for stress.

Look, most of us have been raised with no clue what to do with uncomfortable feelings when they come up. Life happens, and we feel afraid, or angry, or sad, and don’t know how to deal with that. It doesn’t feel good, and we want to feel better. But taking drugs so we don’t have to feel any of that is not a healthy response. And sorry, but you can go ahead and include weed, alcohol, and other playtime drugs in there, if you’re using them to avoid feeling the way you really feel.

How do you deal with uncomfortable feelings? It’s simple, but not easy. You get present with yourself, and feel them. You breathe deep, and let them go. And you get help doing it, because we’re not meant to deal with this stuff all by ourselves. Take a step back, consider your options, and take advantage of whatever resources are available to you.