Develop Intuition & “Psychic” Ability

I’m often asked, “What can I do to develop my intuition?” Actually, it’s not that often. But when I am asked, and sometimes even when I’m not asked, here’s what I’m apt to say.

The two most important things you can do are:

  • Stop asking other people for advice, especially psychics, channels, readers, astrologers, etc. 
  • Spend time every day quietly looking and listening inside, and writing. 

The video shown here elaborates on this, and there’s more at The Healing Waterfall website as well. Do you have a question about intuition? By all means, ask me. But better yet, inquire within. You’ll probably get your answer, and develop your intuition at the same time by practicing.

By that way, how about that word, “psychic”? It sure is loaded, which is probably why psychics started calling themselves “intuitives” recently. Sounds more professional, but it’s the same thing. “Psychic” derives from a Greek word meaning “of or pertaining to the soul”. Nothing wrong with that.

Cross my palm with silver, and I’ll tell you more!