Creative Timing

I’ve been blessed in this life with the gift of creativity, and in my case it comes out in the form of music, writing, design, counseling, and communications. (Practically all the content you see at The Healing Waterfall Website, including all the guided imagery, guided meditations, music, design, and writing is something I developed.)

While some artists or musicians seem to have a straight and narrow path from an early age into their life’s work, for me it was more of a winding road. It took time to sort out what was meaningful to me, as opposed to what my family, friends, culture and society said was important, and find the right channel for expression. And frustratingly, my interests always seemed to fall outside of traditional categories, so try as I might, I never quite fit in anywhere. So the first half of my life was spent discovering my gifts, developing them, and then learning how to express them in a way that could work out in the world.

clock-chairsBecoming wasn’t easy for me, but that’s just the way it is here in Earth School. It’s not that I’m unique. We’re all unique, we all come here to learn something different, and in fact there is no right way or right path. It’s all about discovering our own path, and everyone is on their own unique time table for that to happen.

In my counseling work, I often find people in pain from believing that their life isn’t working, that they’re not on the right path, or that they’re moving too slowly. In fact, that’s rarely the case. It’s just that we don’t generally get to see what’s up ahead, so we don’t appreciate that where we’re walking now is leading us to where we need to go. It’s when we second guess ourselves that we get into trouble.

The more we try to project into the future, stress about where we’re headed, and worry we’re going in the wrong direction, the less we’re able to appreciate and enjoy where we are. It was very painful for me in the early part of my life to feel I didn’t fit in, or was headed in the wrong direction. But how could I have known where I was going, when some of the categories I was headed for, hadn’t even been invented yet? In some cases, I was inventing my own categories.

When one person can see and love us for who we are, that can mean the world. It can help us feel understood, and give us courage to carry on. They might say, “everything’s going to be fine. It’s going to be alright”. And if they believe it, perhaps we can believe it, and that can help us relax enough to live in the moment, at least a little bit. Having someone like that in our corner can make all the difference.

But no one can really show us the future. And life is made that way by design, so we have the opportunity to learn trust. Trust in ourselves, and trust in life. Trust is a huge lesson, here in Earth School. In fact it’s a required graduate course. And contrary to how it can feel, it’s all set up for our own benefit.

A little like my life, when I began this podcast episode, I didn’t know where it was going. I only knew that I needed to talk about the creative path. But now that I’m farther along, I realize the message is this. If you happen to be one of those people who don’t believe you fit in, or feel lost, or stuck, or lonely, or broken in some way, hang in there. Keep breathing, keep moving, even if it’s in the dark. I promise that the experience you’re going through right now is setting you up for something truly fulfilling. It may not be for a while. It probably won’t look like what you imagine, and it will probably be a lot better than you expect.

Oh, and by the way… If you believe that “you create your own reality”, do yourself a favor and set that idea aside for a while. The part of you that would like to create your own reality is most likely your ego, trying desperately to be in control. And the only reality it’s going to create is going to ultimately be limited, painful, and unfulfilling. But your higher consciousness, in cooperation with life itself — God, if you will — has something much bigger and better in mind for you. It’s keeping that a secret for now, so your ego won’t get involved and mess it up. I’ll talk about this more in a later episode. But for the time being, instead of trying to create reality, ask reality what it might like for you to do. Listen, as deep as you can, and follow that.

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