Connecting With Your Higher Self

There are many people who fully believe in the power of love, and who selflessly help others from the goodness of their hearts as a matter of course. But if you were to ask some of them about God, religion, or Spirit they might respond that they don’t believe in it, don’t care about it, and just don’t want to talk about it. How is that that these folks, who embody the very tenets of all the major religions, and who’s lives often seem to be guided by grace, are not overtly spiritual or religious, and have no conscious awareness of God, angels, spirit guides, saints, or spiritual masters?

They might answer by saying that those things just aren’t important, aren’t real, or are for other people, not them. But in fact, most people who are far along on their own path of awareness have spent multiple past lifetimes worshiping God, usually in close association with one or more religions. And in many cases they have had some very negative experiences in the process. Many people have been so persecuted in the name of God that it’s no wonder they come into this lifetime wanting nothing to do with Him (or Her, if you prefer)!

These souls have been steeped in the positive values of religion, but burnt by the negative, and as a result carry out their lives acting virtuously, while simultaneously holding any notion of God at arm’s length. In my intuitive consulting practice I often see clients who prefer the term “Universal Love” to “God”, who want to feel connected to Spirit but are terrified of opening up to it, or who believe that while other people may be highly intuitive or in touch with spiritual things, such higher awareness could never be available for themselves.

These folks often have tremendous sensitivity and intuitive potential, and may have personal guides and inner masters with working relationships going back lifetimes, just waiting to communicate with them. Yet they hide all this from themselves, out of subconscious fear left over from past lives, where their connection to God led them to a bad end. Their deep underlying fear tells them “don’t go near that spiritual stuff because it’s going to make you suffer”.

But at this point that fearful message is just an echo from the past, and has nothing to do with their current reality. And it holds them back.

Bob’s Higher Self Letter got quite involved.

What do you do if you find yourself in that position? Well, like all fear, the way out of it is through it. And it helps to have support. Having an intuitive guide, therapist, healer, or support group of like minded people can be a big help when you’re exploring scary territory. It also helps to remember that when fear comes up, it’s not you, it’s not real, and it’s just “stuff coming up to clear”.

To begin to access your connection to God and your Higher Self, any simple ritual or exercise that helps you open your heart can be a good way to get started. I developed a program, called Intuition Retreat, that’s full of exercises and guided meditation processes that can put you in touch with your inner guidance system. Here’s one simple process from Intuition Retreat you might find helpful:

Higher Self Letter

  • Light a candle, and sit down with pen and paper, or you can use your computer if you’re more comfortable that way. I find pen and paper helps me connect more easily with my heart, but use whatever works for you. You might want to keep some tissues nearby.
  • Say a prayer, asking for support from God, your guides and your Higher Self. If you don’t know what a “Higher Self” is, or doubt that you have guides, for the purpose of this exercise, just assume that you are connected to someone or something greater than your own intellect, that it’s real, and that it’s waiting and eager to help you. Make your prayer a sincere one, from the bottom of your heart. Put yourself on the line for this.
  • Write “Dear Higher Self, Please help me with…” and write out your most difficult question or problem.
  • Sign the letter.
  • Take a new piece of paper, and write the answer to your letter from the point of view of a most loving, wise, and compassionate friend, one who knows absolutely everything about you, and has been watching you closely from the moment you were born, and even before. Get ready to open up, and expect the unexpected!
  • Write “Dear…” and fill in your name.
  • And then keep writing. Loosen up, breathe deep, and let it come from your heart. Write without editing, and allow it to unfold on its own. Imagine your higher guidance system, including personal guides, angels, masters, God and your own Higher Self and soul are pouring energy and information into you. Open up and let it come. Don’t edit, don’t stop to think, just write.
  • Sign the letter
  • Give thanks.

If you put your heart fully into the High Self Letter exercise, I think you’ll find it very rewarding.