Connecting With Guides Through Meditation

Connecting With GuidesYour higher heart, or spiritual heart is the best access point or portal through which to get in touch with your own soul and higher self, as well connecting with guides, spiritual figures, angels and so on. For some of us, we begin to tune in and all kinds of juicy good stuff happens, we feel embraced by love, we receive symbolic gifts, we hear messages, and we experience the presence of guides and other figures right away. For most of us, that doesn’t happen without doing some work, or a lot of work. What kind of work? Well, there are a number of things you can do.

Connecting With Guides Comes Naturally, Or Not!

I was fortunate in that early on in life I began receiving direct communication from what I’ll just call my guides, and it opened me up to the idea that there was a lot more to this world than just I read about in the newspaper. So I quickly became used to the idea that there were forces outside myself, outside of the physical level, who loved me and would be willing to communicate with me if I were open to listening.

It was also fortunate in a way that this communication wasn’t always available to me. Sometimes I could perceive it, and other times not. This made me want to work at being open, and receptive, and I tried many different ways of tuning in. I put in a lot of time on this because the support I received from within was so loving and compelling, because my life on the outside wasn’t going so well for a while, and because, well, because I do love a project.

So I tried different things, and I kept notes. Eventually I put together a kind of step by step program all about this called Intuition Retreat, and you can find it on iTunes and on The Healing Waterfall website. But I want to give you just a couple things you can do to begin to open up to higher guidance.

First of all, when you’re sitting in mediation, assume that there are loving, wise, and compassionate guides and spiritual figures watching over you. You can think of a guardian angel, or Jesus, or Buddha, a guru figure, or anyone you feel connected to. Or you can just think in generic terms of a loving caretaker, there for you. Personally, I’ve found it helpful to focus at different times on different figures, feel their individual energy, and listen to what they might have to say.

What happens to most people when they do that, or what they would say happens to them, is nothing. Nothing happens. But if you feel as though nothing is happening, don’t accept that as an answer. As I said, assume that you are being attended to. Assume you’re being loved. And assume there is a message of some kind being delivered to you. Then, use your imagination. As I describe in some detail in Intuition Retreat, your imagination is the bridge between your conscious mind or intellect, and your higher consciousness. So, cook up something in your imagination, and go with it. Be loose, and experiment. It can’t hurt, and it can open a doorway.

As you receive bits of input, or imagine you are receiving bits of input, write about that in your journal immediately after your mediation time. Writing gives you the opportunity to take those nuggets of information you might receive, and unpack them. While you’re writing, also assume that you’re being directed by those same higher figures. Write freely, and let it unfold. I talk more about this in the Heart Meditations program, but this is the basic idea. Try this, and let me know what happens. And again, don’t take “nothing” for an answer.

You can find the Intuition Retreat program, Heart Meditations, and a program called Meet Your Guide, all at The Healing