Connecting to Spirit With Intuition

In my previous podcast episode, Hooking Up With Spirit, I talk about my experiences connecting to my own guides, and what that was like for me. If you’re just tuning in, you might want to go back and begin with that one. In this episode I’m going to talk more about the kinds of spiritual connection we can have.

Connect to Spirit With Intuition

We’re here on Earth as souls in physical bodies, but before we’re born, and after we leave, we are beings in Spirit, outside of physical form, living in other dimensions. And while we’re here on Earth, we still have ties and relationships with other beings in Spirit. There are many ways of connecting to those beings, and receiving their wisdom, love, and support. Doing so offers a lot of perspective we don’t normally have, and helps us know that we’re not here alone.

Connection with Spirit can vary from having a warm feeling inside, to receiving a full on direct audial or visual visitation. When you’re in a spiritual center, religious service, concert, or other event and you feel uplifted, you’re generally connecting to your own higher self and soul. And often, a variety of angels and other beings in spirit are right there with you, contributing to the energy or just sharing in your enjoyment.

When you’re in meditation or deep prayer, and you have an inspired moment of insight, or exaltation, you are again connecting with your own higher consciousness, and may be receiving input from a guide, angel, or master who’s working closely with you. The same thing can happen when you’re making art, music, cooking a meal, or doing anything you feel sincere and passionate about.

Psychics, spiritual teachers, intuitive counselors, or anyone who engages in the intuitive arts, typically connect with spirit. They may be tapping into higher guidance from their own soul, receiving input from guides working directly with them, or from the guides of their clients. That connection will usually manifest in the form of insight, visions, symbols, or heard input like words or phrases.

And at the farthest extremes are channels, who essentially allow their body and mind to be used by one or more beings in spirit almost as a kind of “speaker box”. Some channels are entirely unconscious during this process, while others remain awake and aware of the communication to varying degrees. The person doing the channeling gets out of the way as much as possible, and allows spirit to come through. The value of the communication can actually depend more on the spirit being channeled than the person doing the channeling.

In general, if anyone is doing any kind of “reading” for you, whether it’s a channel, a psychic, a tarot reader or otherwise, the message is always being filtered through their own system, their own beliefs, and their own limitations, and is being influenced and interpreted on its way to you. That’s why it’s always best to cultivate your own ability to tune into higher guidance for yourself, and learn to trust your own relationship to Spirit, rather than relying on a priest, psychic, or channel to do it for you. That’s the grown up approach to spirituality.

You can cultivate your own ability to connect more vividly with spirit, through practice, deep meditation, and other techniques, and in my work I help clients and listeners do just that. My programs, Meet Your Guide, and Intuition Retreat are both excellent ways of expanding your own connection, if you’d like to. You can find those programs, and all of my work, here at The Healing Waterfall.