Clearing Your Cosmic Hairball

by Max Highstein

If you often deal with uncomfortable feelings, feel plagued by thoughts you can’t seem to let go of, or feel as though other people’s negativity seems to get stuck to you, perhaps it’s time to discover what clearing is about. Clearing your energy can wipe away the yucky stuff, and give you a fresh outlook. Let’s look into how this works.

Dear Buddha, Please help me clear my cosmic hairball. Buddha? Are you listening?

Here in Earth School, life is set up to bring us experiences uniquely orchestrated for our benefit. And sometimes it seems as if the same darn thing is happening to us over and over, as if life were trying to tell us something. It is! When we’re trapped in a repeating pattern, it’s usually because we’re holding negativity inside from long ago, and life is trying to bring it up to clear. Call it a “cosmic hairball”, life is actually trying to help us clear stuff from the past and make room for the future.

Most of the old stuff we carry is in our unconscious, and we aren’t aware its there, even as it’s weighing us down. But life has a natural mechanism for bringing it to our attention. “Like attracts like”, and our negative stuff naturally attracts people and situations that trigger it, and bring it up into our awareness. The Law of Attraction automatically highlights our stuff for us. But once we’re aware of our negativity, it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunity to clear it.

Suppose we have lots of unresolved anger inside, perhaps accumulated over lifetimes. Being cut off in traffic may tend to trigger that anger, bringing some of it to the surface. But what we do with that anger when it comes up determines whether we’ll clear it, or recirculate it back down into the unconscious again. Clearing demands a particular set of attitudes and skills.

First of all, when we’re in touch with our stuff, it’s bound to be uncomfortable. We’re talking about negative feelings like fear, anger, sadness, resentment, judgment, and so on, and none of it feels good. Our natural tendency is to do something to avoid feeling it; things like going up into our head and analyzing, justifying our position, distracting ourselves by eating, drinking, or taking drugs, calling a friend, or whatever our favorite form of avoidance happens to be. If we do that, we miss the opportunity to clear what’s coming up, and we’ll just have to deal with it again later.

What we need to do instead is simply be present with our feelings, and take responsibility for them, rather than blaming others. If we’re willing to stay present, take responsibility, and not avoid what we’re feeling, eventually the negativity will clear.

To help speed the process, we can call upon higher support. Whatever our spiritual or philosophical orientation is, we can use it to help connect with our higher consciousness. A good way of doing that is to focus in our spiritual heart, and not in our head, where we tend to get into trouble. Instead of obsessing, analyzing, justifying, or worrying, we’re much better off taking higher ground, and staying neutral and objective toward what’s coming up to clear. When it comes to clearing, neutrality is golden! Working with a healer or therapist who knows the territory can also be very helpful, especially when things are “just too much”, or we’ve been working on something for a while and can’t seem to clear it on our own.

One of the biggest keys to clearing, and one of the most underutilized tools we have, is to breathe deeply. When stuff comes up, take full, slow, deep breaths. More oxygen in our system simply helps negativity release. Deep breathing is always available, it works, and it’s free. The only reason we don’t hear more about it is that drug companies can’t make money from it!

How long does it take to clear what’s coming up? Sometimes it might take a few minutes, and sometimes we might be working on a great big cosmic hairball that doesn’t release for days. We never know until it clears. Clearing is about letting go, turning everything over to a “higher power”, and trusting. Trying to figure out the timeline only slows us down.

Part of my work in intuitive counseling sessions is to help clients learn how to clear their energy. It helps to have some outside support for this, because when we’re stuck in the middle of our stuff, it’s like being in the movie instead of watching it. Having someone who can point offer perspective and remind you that “it’s only a movie” is invaluable, especially if they can help move energy (accelerate the clearing process) while they’re at it.


  1. Sylvia Montesinos

    Max, these are wonderful articles and just what I needed to hear…on a regular basis. Thanks. And I hope you post more of these.