What You Should Know About “Clearing”

  One of the things I often speak with my counseling clients is “clearing”, which for many is a new concept. In this episode of my Healing Waterfall Podcast, I explain exactly what clearing is all about. Click the audio player … Read More

Masks People Wear

One of the things our ego does for us is to try to gain “standing” in society, and within our social circle. And one of the ways it will do that is to partner with our intellect, and work up … Read More

How Do You Let Go?

A big part of spiritual growth — really any kind of growth — is learning to let go. The saints and masters call it “surrender”, and it’s a key lesson here in Earth School. Letting go is something I’ve worked hard … Read More

Me Or The Dog

I woke up this morning with stuff coming up within me to clear. At this point in life I know that when I experience anything within me that isn’t neutral or loving, it’s my job to let it go as quickly … Read More

Oh, God.

I was talking with an spiritual coach I know recently, about her experience with clientele on the East Coast (US), vrs. my experience of Santa Fe spiritual counseling. In general she felt there was a more open attitude toward personal … Read More

My Wife Is A Secret Agent

When I do production on music and guided meditation recordings, I sometimes come to a decision point in the process where I need a bit of feedback. Today, I was concerned about a certain aspect of my narration, and needed … Read More

Boundary Issues?

Boundary issues can be “psychic”, in terms of having our energy invaded; physical, in terms of having our body or our space invaded; or emotional, as in being manipulated through guilt or fear. Weak personal boundaries are often caused by … Read More

ADD, Medication, Meditation

I’ve always had some ADD, but I grew up way before anyone knew what to call it. I didn’t quite understand why I’d forget the chords in the middle of a song my rock band was playing, or why I … Read More

Develop Intuition & “Psychic” Ability

I’m often asked, “What can I do to develop my intuition?” Actually, it’s not that often. But when I am asked, and sometimes even when I’m not asked, here’s what I’m apt to say. The two most important things you … Read More

Connecting With Your Higher Self

There are many people who fully believe in the power of love, and who selflessly help others from the goodness of their hearts as a matter of course. But if you were to ask some of them about God, religion, … Read More

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