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Welcome To Earth School! For most of us, the "orientation" we got when we arrived here in Earth School was a little sketchy, so this may help to fill in a few of the missing pages from your manual. What? You didn't get a manual either? Well, that's just typical, isn't it?


Some good articles to begin with...


Fundamentalism & Limited Thinking

When we think of fundamentalism, we usually think about religion, but that’s not the only kind of fundamentalism. It’s true that pretty much every religion has a fundamentalist faction. But you can be a fundamentalist vegetarian, medical doctor, librarian, stripper, … Read More

Gifted & Behaving Badly

One of the things we tend to find confusing is when gifted people behave poorly. For example, a wildly popular entertainer who is suspected of child abuse. Or a charismatic and effective political leader who can’t seem to keep his … Read More

You Want Me To Support What?

Some how the question of “Do you support our troops” came into my awareness today. I immediately felt uncomfortable about that question, and I began thinking about why. It’s what we call a loaded question. There’s an inherent suggestion that … Read More

I’m Processing

The word “processing” has recently come into common parlance with a new meaning, having to do with our human response to life. Maybe you’ve heard it used that way, or used it that way yourself. I suppose processing started out … Read More

Creative Timing

I’ve been blessed in this life with the gift of creativity, and in my case it comes out in the form of music, writing, design, counseling, and communications. (Practically all the content you see at The Healing Waterfall Website, including … Read More

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