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Welcome To Earth School! For most of us, the "orientation" we got when we arrived here in Earth School was a little sketchy, so this may help to fill in a few of the missing pages from your manual. What? You didn't get a manual either? Well, that's just typical, isn't it?


Some good articles to begin with...


Blind Spots

  If you listen to certain spiritual teachers, particularly from the east, you’ll eventually hear about how important it is to break free from the hold of your ego in order to reach God consciousness. “God please help me get … Read More

Holiday Strategies

I’m not a big fan of the holiday season. Since I don’t have a large family, there’s no holiday reunion for me, and since I’m self employed, it’s not a special break from work. And the commercial aspects of the … Read More

Love From Above

I believe that love is pouring into humanity from above. I use the word “above”, but you could say from God, or from whomever or whatever your favorite substitute word for God is. And I believe that this love from … Read More

Got Arrogance?

Recently I was thinking back to the days when arrogance was one of my main go-to attitudes, and I went to it often. And let me assure you, those were not happy days. I’ve gotten a really good look at … Read More

Why You Lie (to yourself)

Can I Be Honest With Me? An extraordinarily helpful attribute, if you’re on a path of healing and growth, is self-honesty. It’s also one of the most difficult. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, especially at first, to look at ourselves … Read More

Why Suffer?

Why is there so much human suffering? Because that’s what it takes to get our attention. We come here as souls to grow and learn, but without suffering, we tend to be really slow learners. That’s just the way we … Read More

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