Are You An Empath

empathIn this episode I’m going to talk about what it means to be an empath, and the best way to approach life if you happen to be one.

If you were a fan of Star Trek, you may remember Counselor Troi. Counselor Troi was an empath, meaning she felt other people’s feelings. She wasn’t exactly psychic, but she was tuned in to what other people felt, by way of the resonance she picked up in her own system. And actually, it’s not science fiction. There are many of us who have this particular gift, and it can either come in handy, or it can be a bit of a problem.

If you happen to be a counselor, like Counselor Troi, or myself, the ability to feel what other people are feeling can come in quite handy, because often our clients are not fully in touch with their own feelings. So in a session, it’s not uncommon for me to be aware of a client’s fear, pain, or sorrow for example,  before they are, and help them become aware of it. That can be useful.

But suppose someone who’s naturally empathic isn’t well grounded, centered, and clear about their own feelings. Because they tend to pick up other people’s feelings automatically, they’ll have a hard time distinguishing other people’s feelings from their own. That makes life rather confusing, as if it weren’t confusing enough as it is.

The solution isn’t to avoid people, or to wear protective clothing, or to try to create a so called psychic shield. All that does is contribute one’s own fear and insecurity, and create separation. The solution is to know oneself. To spend quiet time looking within, clearing one’s own energy, and really getting to know one’s own inner landscape. We figure out what are our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and work on those. The more centered, grounded, and aware we are, the less we’re likely to be thrown off by other people and their energy.

To put it another way, someone with empathic awareness is a soul with a highly refined and sensitive energy system. If their body were a car, it would be a Ferrari. As such, it can be used very effectively in very specialized ways, but it takes extra maintenance and care to keep it in top condition.

Someone who comes into life here on Earth with an empathic system does so for a reason. Their soul want’s that extra sensitivity, so it can experience life in a very specific way, learn about feelings very deeply, and understand the human condition from a unique perspective. Or, they have a life path that requires those gifts, like being a healer or counselor. From the soul’s perspective, it’s totally worth the extra trouble.

But what we don’t need to do is get all pumped up about it. So, if you’re empathic, don’t make a big deal out of it, and don’t use it as a way to tell yourself you’re different, special, or separate in any way from other people. If you start focusing on that, dwelling on it, and worrying about it, you’ll just get your ego all wrapped in being an empath and cause more trouble for yourself.

Instead, take some time to sit quietly with yourself every day, and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Become conscious of what feelings are unresolved with you, get present with them, do some breathing, and begin letting go. If you find some feelings in there that don’t really seem like they’re your own, don’t dwell on them, just let those go too. This is the process of clearing your energy, and everyone can do, whether you’re as empathic as Deanna Troi, or as analytical as Spock.

I have a guided meditation program that is directly related to this subject, called Clearing Your Energy. You can find this, and all of my work, at The Healing Waterfall dot com. I hope you’ll find it helpful.