What we focus on in your session is up to you. Some things can include:

Relationships, Career, Personal Growth

  • Letting go of fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness.
  • Learning to trust yourself, others, and life.
  • Control issues vrs. sweet surrender. 
  • Communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Becoming more centered and grounded. 
  • Fulfilling yourself in this life.

Spiritual Connection, Meditation, Intuition

  • Learning to meditate, and receiving the benefits. 
  • Resolving inner conflicts with spirituality and religion.
  • Opening the spiritual heart, and living from there.
  • Developing intuition.
  • Opening to higher awareness, and to the input of spiritual guides, angels, and other figures.

 ... and whatever else is coming up for you. 


"Your potential for change directly correlates to your openness to new ways of looking at life."

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